Dredging, Excavation, reclamation and Disposal

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Dredging, Excavation, reclamation and Disposal.

Polaris Group is covering small to medium scale of dredging works up to the maximum water depth of 11m from the water surface and disposing dredged materials within a range of 2km from the point of dredging. We operate the dredging works by excavator barges, cutter suction dredgers Polaris Group has been involved in creating some of the most complex and challenging development projects in the realms of dredging and marine construction. We also, provide navigational dredging services for marinas and canals. Our operation will not be stopped by  dredging and we carry out complete disposal works as per the client require. The assets of Polaris group are competent, skilled and committed staff with appropriate machinery and technologies, combined with vast experience in Dredging & Reclamation, Port and Harbour activities.

Activities included;

  • Dredging and reclamation works.
  • General Excavation works.
  • Dredged and excavated Material disposal.
  • Sand Material pumping works.
  • Airlifting and seabed cleaning works.

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